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Day Tour Marangu Waterfalls

Marangu is a village located in the Kilimanjaro Region, Marangu means “a place with to many water streams”. The Chagga tribe lives in this area with their own culture and traditions. The first stop is at the gate of the Kilimanjaro national park. Here you get introduced with all information about the park and its surroundings, it’s also an excellent location for hiking at the foot of the Kilimanjaro, bird watching and taking in the sights of rural Africa.
After this orientation we will visit the nearby caves, here you will experience the local life of the Chagga tribe with their rich culture and traditions. They invite you in their houses with straw roofing, serving traditional foods with local brewed beer known as Mbege. The will educate you on the process of making arabica coffee. If you are interested in their products you can taste it and even buy it as a souvenir.

  • Tour Marangu waterfall itinerary

    After spending time with the Chagga tribe it’s time to explorer the the Marangu Waterfalls. We take a hike through the tropical rain forest that will lead us across monkeys, tropical birds and stunning landscape. The local guide will explain about the tropical plants and flowers during the walk, after 40 minutes you reach the waterfall. The source of the waterfall comes directly from the glacier of the Kilimanjaro. It’s crystal clear water is a refreshing natural shower or a stunning place to swim, so don’t forget your swimsuit! Here we will take our lunch and enjoy the scenery of this hidden waterfall.