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Magoroto Forest Day Trip

Magoroto Forest Day Trip

Magoroto with its tropical rain forest is the perfect spot for a getaway and outdoor camping.The estate is located on an altitude of 850m above sea level where temperatures are pleasant all year long. The estate offers stunning views from the Muheza Valley to the Indian ocean. Enjoy the lush rain forest with rare plants and bird species, explore the dense tropical forest with organic spices or have a picnic or swim in our beautiful lake!!

  • itinerary

    After breakfast departure from Tanga City at 7.00am with our 4WD to Magoroto Forest Estate for full day Tour.
    Place of Interest includes
    Mountain Hiking (Trekking)
    Magoroto Forest offers a total of eight well documented hiking trails. The trails differ in level of difficulty providing choices for different trails based on your fitness level. The trails pass through a number of attractions along the way ending in picturesque viewing points. The shortest trail is about 1.5Km (3o mins trek) while the longest is about 12km (8 hours hike). In between is a number of other trails and endless possibilities to combine the trails to fit your fitness level and desire. After a long tiring hike, our trails end at the lake where you can refresh with a cool fresh swim in the lake. This is ensured to rejuvenate you and keep you fresh for the next activities.

  • Mountain Biking

    Our mountain biking trails pass through what used to be the access roads when the palm plantation was active. Choose a biking trail that fits your fitness level among the five documented trails and enjoy a cool fresh breeze while biking through the rainforest.

  • Swimming

    Magoroto Lake is man made and was dug in year 1956 by the Swiss. The lake has fresh water fed in by natural springs. It’s 12 metres deep allowing for one of the best diving experiences. Due to the depth of the lake children must always be accompanied by adults while swimming. We have life jackets, floaters and a life guard to help with lake activities.

  • Picnic at the lake

    Around the lake are a number of wooden benches and bandas where you can do a picnic with family and friends.

  • Fishing

    Tilapia and cat fish have been introduced in the lake in the year 2005. Try fishing in the lake with our locally made fishing rods. You may choose to cook or bbq your catch of the day.

  • Bird Watching

    Magoroto Forest is designated as an IBA (Important Bird Area) and is populated by numerous bird species.

  • Forest Walk

    With the dense rainforest, Magoroto Estate provides a number of easy walkways for forest walking where you can explore nature. Walk through the numerous water streams in the forest and learn about the plant species in Magoroto.

  • Spice Tour

    Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cloves are among the many spices that flourish in Magoroto Estate. A spice tour gives you an opportunity to learn more about spices, how they are grown and processed. The spices grown in Magoroto are all organic and packaged in retail packs for you to carry one as souvenir on your departure.