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Day Tour to Lake Chala

Lake Chala is the unique caldera lake which is thought to be the deepest inland water body in Africa. The source of water of the lake is the underground water springs from Mount Kilimanjaro. t is also drained with a rate of about 10 million m3/year. The lake varies in color from deep blue to turquoise and green and it is surrounded by a 100 meter high crater rim.

Lake Chala is the Crater Lake that marks a border between Tanzania and Kenya on the eastern edge of Mount Kilimanjaro; it is 51 km from Moshi town and 8 km north of Taveta. The lake has a mean depth of 81 meters and it covers the area of 4.2 km2and it has the diameter of 3 km.

Lake Chala and the surrounding area is spectacularly interesting, not just because of Kilimanjaro that can be seen on clear days towering in the background but also because it thrives with life. The lake itself is an attraction, the crater rim, bird species and small mammals such as colobus monkeys, baboons, dikdik and kudu.

  • Lake Chala Day Tour itinerary

    Meet our professional naturalist guide/driver at the lodge, who will deliver a short safari info briefing, after which, we travel to the Lake Chala. You can choose any activity from a nature bush walk, canoeing on the lake, fishing or swim in the Lake.
    The bushwalk will last (2-4) hours depending on the pace. The walk offers scenic views with Kilimanjaro in the background, you will go down the rocky gullies formation to the water.
    After the walk, we can have lunch at the Lake Chala lodge with a spectacular view of the lake as well as Kilimanjaro view in the clear days. If you want to paddle in a canoe, this is a one-hour activity and if you want to go fishing it can be extended. You can find the specific Lake Chala tilapia, though you must fish and release since this is an endangered species.
    You can swim in Lake Chala but it is recommended to stay close to the shore if you are not a strong swimmer. There a no dangerous aquatic creature but the depth of the lake with a seventy meter drop off is a caution.
    Later in the evening, the driver will take you back to the lodge for your next adventure.