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    Cavers Tours

    Find out more about the incredible natural caves that can be reached by bike or Mini bus from Moshi to Marangu or Mweka.
    With your packed lunch and an enthusiatic guide, you can discover the caves and rock formations that many tourists never get to see.
    This one day trip can be combined with other activities like bird-watching or waterfall visits.

Kilimanjaro National Parks

You don't have to climb the mountain to enjoy the views of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mori Tours can bring you close to the mountain by arranging a day trip to Kilimanjaro national park.

Rau Forest

Why not visit the untouched beauty of the Rau forest. See local flora & fauna as you cycle through this old wooded region of Kilimanjaro. With your trusted local guide, speak to local community members and find out why this forest is of cultural significance for this local community.

Town Trip

Experience the local towns of Moshi in a way that you've never experienced before. Let our experienced local guides show you the historical sites and intrigue behind some of Tanzania's oldest urban centers. A great way to spend a day after safari or an interesting addition to a weekend exploring.

Pangani beach

Mori Tours & Safaris has a wide range of information about Pangani Beach whether its about nearby hotels, flights or local attractions in Pangani. Mori Tours can arrange for you unforgettable trip to Pangani beach. Mori Tours has a great range of hotels and accommodation in Pangani near Pangani Beach that will help make your stay that little bit more special.

Amboni caves

Find out more about the incredible natural caves that can be reached by Mini bus from Moshi to Tanga Region. With your packed lunch and an enthusiastic guide, you can discover the caves and rock formations that many tourists never get to see. This one day trip you will get chance to experience the amazing Amboni curves with it long history

Bagamoyo- historical sites and beach

Bagamoyo is home to many ethnic groups, including the Wakwere, Wazaramo and Wazigua. Different cultures including people of Arab descent coexist in Bagamoyo making the town a peaceful and friendly place for visitors from all over the world. Bagamoyo was the most important trading ports of the east central coast of Africa in the late 19th century and the penultimate stop of slave and ivory caravans travelling on foot from Lake Tanganyika on their way to Zanzibar.

Bagamoyo Offers the Following Tours;

  • • Bagamoyo Stone Town tour
  • • Crocodiles farm tour
  • • Visits to Catholic Old church & Museum
  • • Visit Ngome kongwe
  • • The white sand beach
  • • Cultural celebrations and events
  • • Kaole ruins tour
  • • Visits to Caravan serai Museum
  • • Marine tours
  • • Visit to the Old port
  • • Visit Slave prison
  • • Traditional dances and traditional games

Bike tour

A new place, like Moshi can hardly be better explored than on the bicycle, guided by our team of experienced guides, you will experience an adventure of a very different kind. You will get a chance to explore different places of Moshi, pass through green villages enjoying sightseeing, and learning about Chagga culture and history. The route takes you from the bustling main roads, to the nearby villages, via forest trails and tiny paths through rice fields.
This Package Includes
Bike & helmet, Rau Forest fees, Professional English speaking guide, Lunch at a local family’s house, 2 bottle of water. .

walk around moshi

Walking tour

Take a walk around Moshi town and its surroundings areas by visiting historical and cultural sites. This short tour will be led by our experienced tour guides.


Lake Jipe

Lake Jipe is located east of Moshi, and partly in Kenya. Birds abound, as well as baboons and the occasional monkey or bush buck. The lake promises a relaxing atmosphere as well as a great chance to swim and canoe, swimming in small waterfalls and Seeing animals, mainly Hippopotamus , Elephants and different kinds of birds.


Honeymoon Safaris

Mori Tours offers a wealth of choice for your honeymoon. We have different honeymoon package and will be thrilled to welcome you for this once in a lifetime experience.


Coffee Tour

Cycle into the remote coffee farms surrounding Mt. Kilimanjaro. Find out more about how coffee is produced and try your hand at making your own. With lunch included and a responsible guide from our team, this is a great day trip to do whenever you like.


Camel & Bike Tours

Experience camel rides near the highest point in Africa. Ride through the towns near the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, before enjoying a camel ride in the shadow of the mountain. Take a packed lunch or enjoy food at one of our local hotel partners, the choice is yours.